Dragracer recounts terror

Pieter de Wit had just one thought running through his mind when the parachute tore off his jet-powered dragster at Perth Motorplex this year: “How am I going to stop this car?” The dragracer, who was travelling about 350km/h, desperately reached for the emergency chute, but in 5½ seconds it was all over.

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Jet dragster driver survives 450kmh crash in Perth

South African Jet Car driver Pieter DeWit has survived a horrifying incident at the Perth Motorplex last night, where the parachute on his ‘Gravity Storm’ dragster failed at 450kph, spearing him across the safety area at the state of the art venue before eventually coming to rest.

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One million two hundred and sixty eight thousand GOLF MK II

I would like to thank all of the staff at Prolong for an excellent product, my golf would have never reached the kilometers it has had it not been for Prolong.

Analysis of the KA24E valve train wear test (M328-95)

BACKGROUND: The KA24E is a standard industry test that is accepted by engine professionals worldwide. It is a dynamometer lubricant test, which measures how a lubricant protects engine parts from wear and scuffing. The engine is an in-line 4 cylinder,