Very impressed

After about 15 minutes the engine started ratelling and making all sorts of sounds…

No sign of over-heating or increase in the engine temperature

After much skepticism I aloud Prolong to be administered to my car. On Saturday the 29th January my car blew a head gasket 40km from home, without any knowledge of the severe problem I carried on driving home.

LP Trucks

I run a truck servicing workshop and for daily use I own a 1989 Toyota petrol 2.4 engine LDV. This is used for breakdowns, Tow-ins and private use. It is treated with Prolong engine treatment at 10%. I have done 12,000 km since my last service.

Angelle Concrete Group

We have historically changed oil on 300 hour intervals and had the wear metals analyzed. In one case, the wear metal analysis showed 35 PPM of iron before adding Prolong AFMT. After the initial 10% treatment, iron wear metals dropped to 17 PPM.

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