About Us

Prolong PatentProlong Super Lubricants manufactures and markets a line of advanced Automotive, Industrial, Agricultural and consumer products throughout the world. Major industries and fleets world-wide have tested and proven Prolong to be the most cost effective lubricants in their class. This advanced lubrication technology has substantially increased equipment efficiency and service life in virtually all applications.

Prolong uses an advanced molecular process that bonds to all metal surfaces.  Prolong Super Lubricants are the only advanced lubricants of their kind in the world and are compatible with all petroleum or synthetic lubricants.

Our company was established in 1992 and had been responsible for providing outstanding Prolong Products ever since. Our speciality is in the area of lubrication to the Automotive, Agricultural, Industrial and Mining sectors. Our regular customers particularly value the financial and mechanical saving they achieve. Our business is supported by Prolong agents around Africa.