Analysis of the KA24E valve train wear test (M328-95)

BACKGROUND: The KA24E is a standard industry test that is accepted by engine professionals worldwide. It is a dynamometer lubricant test, which measures how a lubricant protects engine parts from wear and scuffing. The engine is an in-line 4 cylinder, 2.4 liter, SOHC with three valves per cylinder water-cooled model. The test is comprised of running an engine for 100 cycles at one hour per cycle. Each cycle has two stages; one stage is run for 50 minutes while the other is run for 10 minutes. Stages 1 and 2 differ only in engine speed, coolant temperature and oil temperature while all other variables are held constant.

DATA: Three sets of data are shown in the following charts. The first set of data shows cam wear when compared to a reference oil based on measurements in seven locations on each of 12 camshaft lobes. This data is measured in micrometers. The second set includes the amount of iron wear in the engine when compared to a reference oil. The data is shown in parts per million. The third shows the reduction in rocker arm pad scuffing when compared to reference oil. In each case, the data shows a drastic reduction in wear when Prolong Engine Treatment is included with the base oil.


Cam Wear

Iron Wear

Rocker Arms Wear Evaluation

CONCLUSION: The data demonstrates that Prolong Engine Treatment with the reference oil:

  • Reduced cam wear by 78.4% when compared to the reference oil alone.
  • Reduced metal wear for iron by 67.5% when compared to the reference oil alone.
  • Reduced rocker arm pad scuffing by 68.4% when compared to the reference oil alone.
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