Very impressed

Just thought I would contact you and let you know how impressed I am with your product.

About three years ago, I started using Prolong & every time I had my car serviced I would religiously add a bottle. About seven months ago my radiator core burst. I was in the middle of no-where and did not have much of a choice, but to continue driving home.

After about 15 minutes the engine started rattling and made all sorts of noises. This happened as I got home. I thought to myself ….. Prolong doesn’t work. To my surprise however the next morning my car started and sounded like normal. I had my radiator replaced & my cylinder head skimmed & she was good as new. I was a believer again.

Over the weekend that just passed I did an overhaul on my engine. I was forced to have the block rebored which meant new pistons & rings. Obviously I had to change the big end & main bearings, but what shocked me most was the crank & bearings showed absolutely no signs of wear. When I took the bearings to have them sized the agent thought I gave him a new sample. He would not believe that they were at least 3 years old. ( I only have the car for 3 years ). The agent was  very impressed.

My friends have all become believers and I have become the preacher!

Thanks for a great product.

Faizel Jacobs

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