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I run a truck servicing workshop and for daily use I own a 1989 Toyota petrol 2.4 engine LDV. This is used for breakdowns, Tow-ins and private use. It is treated with Prolong engine treatment at 10%. I have done 12,000 km since my last service.

On Thursday 6th November I had a call-out to a Canter 4 Ton TRUCK. On arrival at the location approximately 15km from Knysna on the Reenendal road, approximately 90 km from George I found that the vehicle was a refrigerated truck loaded with 1.5 tons of meat/ The problem could not be solved in the field and it was necessary to get the Canter back to town.

I decided to tow the Canter with my LDV.

Between the Wilderness and Victoria Bay turn-off, through the Kaaiman’s gorge, before approaching the longest and final gradient, I had to stop behind another motor vehicle and workmen in front of me. This caused me to pull away in 1st gear and I had to maintain high revs. I could not change to 2nd gear. I watched as my heat gauge was rising into the RED and staying there. I could not stop and decided to push on. On arriving at the top of the gradient I could change gears and cool the vehicle down with a little more speed and continue to my workshop.

I am a qualified motor mechanic since 1976 with 31 years of experience. If it was not for Prolong engine treatment in my vehicle I would have had definite engine failure with potential expenses of over R5500.00.

I am now satisfied that there is no damage to my vehicle. I have the job card # 48937 available should you require a viewing. My vehicle exhaust is burning well. I am very impressed with the protection of Prolong engine treatment.

I recommend it to all my customers.

Pieter van Niekerk
LP Trucks

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