No sign of over-heating or increase in the engine temperature

Dear Paul,

Our telephonic conversation refers.

After much skepticism I aloud Prolong to be administered to my car. On Saturday the 29th January my car blew a head gasket 40km from home, without any knowledge of the severe problem I carried on driving home. The next morning my brother noticed large amounts of oil on the paving underneath my car, he then discovered with shock the cause of the leak. Being a N3 motor mechanic student he was amazed to see that after +- 40km the car had firstly showed no sign of over-heating or any increase in the engine temperature whatsoever. Secondly the engine by some miracle ( Prolong ) did not seize within a few minutes as the oil dropped to almost empty.

Being a female and having to drive long distances alone, I no longer have the fear of my car breaking down due to lubrication problems.

I am not only impressed but also grateful for having used your product as it saved me the cost of having to replace my entire engine.

I recommend Prolong to anyone who owns a motor vehicle.

Kind regards,
Michelle Mackenzie

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