Underground aggregate mine

Production bucket loaders: 5 production loaders (Caterpillar) consisting of 988 series F, G & H.

The cost to replace bucket pins could range from $10,000 to $30,000. If all pins were replaced on a loader, the labor, cost of pins and line boring could easily amount to $30,000 and require 2-3 days of downtime, with a resultant lack of productivity.

Historically, every single pin in the loader feet must be replaced at least once each year. Since using Prolong EP-2 Grease, there have been NO pin replacements in 24 months, nor has there been any pin wear. Nor has there been any need for line boring, a costly, and time consuming task.

The center pins require greasing every day, due to the standing water in the underground mine. If the equipment is not being maintained by an experienced, conscientious operator, a suboptimal amount of grease might be applied. Prolong Grease offers more “forgiveness” and protection, in this regards. Four pumps of the Prolong Grease do the job of 12-14 pumps of the previous greases used.

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